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"Whether you are seeking employment in Germany or planning to start your own business in the country, 'Nea Arhi' can be your ideal guide for successful outcomes. From crafting your resume, preparing for interviews, and providing certified professional training, to consulting on establishing your business with the appropriate corporate form tailored for you, we are here to offer the support you need. Through personalized sessions – either in-person or online – we will outline your professional profile of skills and capabilities, understand your unique needs and values, and together, devise a path towards your set goals, customized to the specifics of the German market. We will ensure the recognition procedures for your qualifications, inform you about possible additional requirements, and recommend specialized professional orientation seminars, certified by TÜV Thüringen e.V. as an educational institution under AZAV, in collaboration with the German employment support service (equivalent to Greece's OAED).


Professional Guidance

Crafting a professional resume tailored to the requirements of the German market could very well propel you to the threshold of your next career milestone. Adequate interview preparation, with specialized professional coaching, can serve as your 'passport' for the professional journey you envision. Whether you have recently relocated or have been in Germany for years and are seeking new employment opportunities, contact us to collaboratively map out your roadmap to success. Following a detailed discussion about your academic credentials, formal qualifications, and specific skills, we will expertly compose your resume, emphasizing aspects of your professional profile that hold utmost importance in each circumstance. We will enrich it with compelling cover letters and other supportive materials, while suggesting career options aligned with your background, experience, and potential. For the interview day, we will meticulously prepare you on topics beyond mere qualifications and skills: Specialized advisors will help you better understand yourself and the image you project. They will encourage you to highlight specific aspects of your personality, life values that differentiate you from the competition, career goals, and motivations that drive continuous improvement. Even your social media profile's image holds significance in today's modern European job market


Company Establishment

At 'Nea Arxi', we believe in the so-called 'Greek spirit' that has helped the Greek community excel in every corner of the world, and we steadfastly support Greek entrepreneurship in Germany. Whether you're one of the thousands of expatriates who, after years of hard work, have decided to take the next step, or if your entrepreneurial spirit has identified an opportunity for further development in Germany, here you will find the appropriate support to get started. We provide reliable consultancy services for starting a business, regardless of its size, type of activity, or legal form. We undertake the collection and completion of all necessary documents, as well as the registration with the local authorities for the establishment of your business activity. We draft the appropriate business plan after a detailed analysis of the market, evaluation of competition, local or other specific aspects of the potential target audience, and growth prospects. We inform freelancers about suitable insurance coverage for themselves and their staff, provide general advice for a successful start and operation of the business, register them with professional associations and chambers, and explain the rights and obligations arising from their business operations, based on legislation. We offer comprehensive consultancy on financing frameworks for professionals through the banking system, funding possibilities through various financial instruments for opening a new business, tax, insurance, and other related issues. Contact us to receive the holistic support that will help you enter the highly competitive business arena with confidence.


In our portfolio, we have a wide range of individual and corporate success stories from people who trusted our consultancy support, embarking on a "New Beginning" in Germany. We have supported a large number of individuals, each with different professional profiles, skills, and aspirations, to find employment, establish their own businesses, stand on their own feet, and integrate into the German reality. In a country with a high standard of living and countless opportunities for advancement, we have secured significant funding and laid fertile ground for the "Greek spirit" to flourish. Wherever you are in Germany, contact us to help you sow the right seed in the right place and at the right time, so that it yields fruitful results.



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