the services we offer


Our company provides reliable and certified official translations from Greek to German, English and French (and vice versa). Our team includes interpreters and translators who are distinguished by their high-level professional qualifications, regular professional development, certification and many years of experience, in order to constantly satisfy customer requirements. We strive hard to establish and stand out by offering reliable translation services at the best prices which are going to be used more than once by our clients.


  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Contracts and other legal documents (Judgments, Minutes, Actions, Applications, Lawsuits, (annual) Balance Sheets, Decisions, etc.)
  • Health exam (Check-up) & Pharmaceutical exam, Medical documentation
  • Miscellaneous Documents: Degrees, CVs, Job Applications, Certificates


Proofreading and editing

Our proofreaders immediately and effectively correct any spelling and punctuation errors they identify. In the case of publishing and printing, the translations must be thoroughly edited and proofread. Needless to say, whether editing and proofreading are required ultimately depends on the purpose of the translation and how it will be used.


Documents Processing

Our experts check your documents to make sure that all necessary content and data is present, together with suggestions for improvement (if desired). They also translate texts for commercial use. Send us your documents to our email address and we will send you a sample of our work.


The ability of an immigrant to respond effectively to a variety of bureaucratic issues in various public or private services in Berlin – is often a challenge. Even with the appropriate support of independent social counseling services, “weaknesses” are often encountered, leading to a deterioration in the social and economic situation of people who choose Germany as their place of residence and work. Both the bad labor market conditions and the lack of future prospects in the countries of origin of many immigrants, are responsible for the increase in immigration to Germany, which necessitates increased demand for special advice.
As a private social counseling center, which help you adapt in Germany, we provide the appropriate guidance to “find your way” and integrate harmoniously into German reality.
Our company provides you information about:

• your stay in Germany,
• your job and job search and prospects,
• potential legal requirements in case of unemployment (ALG I) or benefits (ALG II, housing allowance, child supplement);
• German health insurance and social security,
• the possibilities of acquiring language skills.

For further information, you can contact us via our e-mail address.


The demands of modern society for communication among the people of different countries are constantly increasing and encompass a wide range of fields. For a great amount of people living in Berlin, language is an obstacle. Our company offers integrated and personalized language support services in both public and private services such as Town Halls (Bürgeramt, Standesamt, Jugendamt), Banks, Hospitals, as well as educational institutions such as Universities, Schools and Nurseries. To our services is also included lingual support to insurance companies or law firms, as well as to private doctors.
Our vision is to make our company one of the most reliable and efficient in the field of lingual representation, as we take the requirements and the needs of the modern entrepreneur into consideration.
Professionalism, confidentiality and flexibility are some of the principles that make us special and create long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We are here to ensure that your message is clearly and precisely heard in any form, written or spoken.


The confrontation with the German bureaucracy is undoubtedly a reality that cannot be overlooked. A large proportion of immigrants have to deal with difficulties in understanding and managing the documents that they are required to fill in. This adds to their stress, or in some cases makes this task more difficult than it ought to be.

Our team assists in correctly filling out important documents, such as housing applications, birth certificates, applications for kindergartens or schools, and legal applications, such as parental allowances.

So, we help you get more organized and efficient with your file management and get your work done in a timely manner. Take advantage of our consulting services but keep always in mind that this process might take a lot of time to get the best possible result.

Legal or tax advices are not included.


Job Coaching is a form of counseling that is directly linked to employment. The main goal of a Job Coach is to give other people the guidance they need to find a job with prospects. Self-awareness is the most important part in the Job Coaching process, where people discover their own needs, values and motivations. It is a process in which human personality evolves all over the time.

A Job Coach, therefore, takes on the task of harmoniously reintegrating unemployed people into the labor market. He supports and assists clients during their professional and personal development. Through the Job Coaching sessions people are able to choose the job that really suits them, but also to respond more effectively to the conditions and requirements of their work environment.

If you need help with applying or preparing for Job interviews, guidance is very important. In addition, people who feel less motivated, frustrated, and hopeless are able to get the support they need.


Germany belongs to the most popular countries for people seeking work. For those who wish to live and work in Germany for a long time, our company advises and guides you throughout the job search process. Having exclusive contacts with employers, especially in the fields of catering, healthcare and construction, we provide information about how to be prepared, what to look for in Germany and where to turn for support.
Our dedicated staff is committed to finding the right job for you, always with credibility and discretion, to gain valuable work experience and enhance your resume.