From July 21st, 2020 we are approved by the TÜV Thüringen e.V. as an educational institution according to AZAV. So we can offer educational courses and individual coaching for job seekers by promoting advanced training with an Activation voucher. The individual coaching offers you one-on-one discussions. We first analyze your current situation, then new goals are defined together and the necessary steps are planned and accompanied. You will learn strategies for job search and learn how you can present your knowledge in job interviews.

General information

Job Coaching is a form of counseling that is directly linked to employment. The main goal of a Job Coach is to give other people the guidance they need to find a job with prospects. Self-awareness is the most important part in the Job Coaching process, where people discover their own needs, values and motivations. It is a process in which human personality evolves all over the time.

A Job Coach, therefore, takes on the task of harmoniously reintegrating unemployed people into the labor market. He supports and assists clients during their professional and personal development. Through the Job Coaching sessions people are able to choose the job that really suits them, but also to respond more effectively to the conditions and requirements of their work environment.

If you need help with applying or preparing for Job interviews, guidance is very important. In addition, people who feel less motivated, frustrated, and hopeless are able to get the support they need.


Job Coaching is a continuous development process, which involves the interaction between two people, the Job Coach and the client. The role of the first is to help the clients discover their skills and develop their personality in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our Job Coaches motivate and encourage our clients to express their true wishes according to their personal experiences. Using their knowledge, they strive to guide you to do the best you can and live the life you want.

Our company offers a range of guidance methods for each client’s needs. The most popular method is to develop a “face-to-face” conversation with specific questions (open and closed questions, hypothetical questions, various exercises and examples, commenting on priorities, aspirations, visions, etc.). Our goal is our clients to understand and highlight their potentials by helping them make the right career choice.

Methodological reflection is also appropriate for a better understanding of the facts and finding the right solutions. Applying this method to our sessions, we help our clients think carefully, find their “strengths” or “weaknesses” and manage each new challenge more easily and safely. The session is also guided by brief questions that put the person in a process of thought and reflection.

In addition, our Job Coaches assist you with support and guidance in cases where you have problems (disagreements, quarrels, injustices, etc.) in your work environment. To each session we are trying to identify the real cause of the problem and examine all the “sides” of it, suggesting effective solutions. Our main concern is through discussion, to isolate the facts, analyze each case separately and find a reasonable solution together. In this case, your mood and intent play a very important role.

Thus, through our sessions you can better evaluate your qualifications, identify accurately your abilities and professional characteristics, while learning the factors that influence the success of your career. At the end of the sessions, you will be able to make the right decisions for your education and career future.

Preparing for the interview and filling in the required job documents

Another equally important issue, during the Job Coaching process, is the collection and completion of required documentation for a job, as well as the appropriate preparation of our clients for professional interviews. Through our sessions, we create together a “step-by-step” professional profile tailored to the demands of the German labor market. From writing your resume to interviewing, our Job Coaches do everything they can to make your professionalism stand out. Our goal is to provide you all the necessary “tools” you need to be prepared not only for the German labor market, but also to “take off” your career!

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first contact with the employer, so you should take care of it when you create it. This means that both its appearance and the information it contains have to be of highest quality. First, we arrange a meeting to discuss possible changes and corrections that need to be made to your existing resume. In case you do not have a resume yet, our consultants will collect during the meeting with you all the information they need to create your resume, optimizing its structure and content. Then, they will send your resume in editable form so that you can make additions or changes in the future.

You should be aware that any resume you send directly to your employer should often contain a “Cover Letter”. Your main goal is to provoke the interest of an employer while he is reading your resume. This letter should have the form and character of a standard business letter, but the tone may vary depending on the type of job you are applying for, as well as the type of the employer. Our consultants will help you in this case to write a Cover Letter, always tailored to your needs.

Finally, interviews are a cause of concern and stress for most candidates, as there are always certain rules of conduct that need to be checked. There are many guidelines you can follow when you conduct an interview. Our consultants will not only prepare you for the most common questions in a job interview but will also give you the right guidance and let you know the “tricks” to present yourself in the best possible way.